ASAE/Avenue M Group text poll featured in Associations Now.

Insights from a recent ASAE/Avenue M Group text poll are featured in the Associations Now article, “Experts: To Reduce Employee Turnover, Start a Wellness Conversation.” The article discusses the results of the March poll which asked panelists about staff turnover in 2022 and provides insights from the managing director of HR Answerbox, Amanda Haddaway. In the article, Haddaway states, “Employers are increasingly managing the whole person,” and provides two methods employers can implement to better understand the factors prompting employees to leave:

  • Engagement Surveys. Regularly send employees brief surveys that include questions about the organization’s culture, compensation, benefits, rewards, recognition, and more.
  • “Stay” Interviews. In contrast to exit interviews, conduct informal “stay” interviews to reveal employee concerns and encourage them to stay. Ask questions such as “What’s going well for you?” or “What challenges are you experiencing that I can help you with as a manager?”

To read the full article and learn more about how to implement engagement surveys and “stay” interviews at your organization, click here.

To view the ASAE/Avenue M group text poll article and learn more about what our panelists are saying about employee turnover, click here.

April 2023

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