Sheri Jacobs

Long before Sheri founded Avenue M Group, she questioned why so many associations spent their time (and money) pushing information out to its members rather than taking the time to understand and engage them. Over time, she thought, the lack of engagement could impact member recruitment and retention. She vividly remembers working on a direct mail campaign during the day and, that evening, moving a stack of promotional mailings from her mailbox to the garbage bin under her kitchen counter. It was at this moment that she realized how essential it was for associations to create a two-way street (or Avenue) between their organizations and their members (M) if they wanted to remain relevant in the future.

Sheri believed associations needed to understand what matters to their members, understand their stressors and challenges, and determine how to provide meaningful and accessible solutions at a price members were willing to pay. This would require listening to members and rethinking the value proposition, delivery channels, and/or pricing model. Sheri chose the name, Avenue M Group, because she had a strong desire to help associations engage their members (or create a two-way street) and achieve their missions.