Examples abound of once-dominant organizations that succumbed to competitors and start-ups because they failed to adjust their business model when such a shift amid rapid change could have made all the difference.

Pivot Point book cover

Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Business When It Matters Most provides a guide for creating an organization that is more responsive, nimble, and open to the dynamic nature of its operating environments. Organizations experiencing sustainable success are willing to take risks, fail and learn from their efforts, and continually adapt their business model to build the highest value proposition possible.

Drawing from research, interviews with association thought leaders who have successfully altered their organization’s business model, and observations garnered from working with hundreds of associations, author Sheri Jacobs distills a structure and key elements for pivoting that include

  • Comprehending the current landscape
  • Incorporating five essential characteristics
  • Creating the right culture to achieve future goals
  • Building a stronger value proposition to drive engagement and retention
  • Using research to guide change.

Case studies provide readers with insights and lessons learned by organizations that have altered their models. A “Pivot Readiness Checklist” gives readers an opportunity to assess their organization’s ability to adapt to meet shifting needs and behaviors. CEOs, board members, and senior staff will be inspired and energized by the thought-provoking ideas in this must-have resource.

You can find Pivot Point at the ASAE Bookstore. ASAE member and quantity-purchase discounts are available. (2018, ISBN 978-0-88034-397-8, 178 pages, hardcover)