ASAE/Avenue M Group text poll featured in Associations Now

Insights from an ASAE/Avenue M Group text poll are featured in the Associations Now article, “What Organizations Can Gain from Implementing Returnship Programs.” The article cites results from the March poll which revealed double-digit employee turnover rates among text poll participants’ associations. With turnover being top of mind for many, the author discusses an often-overlooked pool of potential applicants – “people who are looking to return to the workforce after a career break” and the idea of re-entry programs and “returnships” (paid internships for adults returning to the workforce).

According to the article, this talent pool can be attractive for a variety of reasons such as their experiences gained while away, diversity of thought, and enthusiasm about reentering the workforce. Because these candidates have prior experience, they also often have a smoother transition to the workforce.

In order for re-entry programs to succeed, the article suggests having a structure and process in place that implements the following:

  • Hold weekly meetings to discuss tasks and timelines.
  • Provide regular feedback, keeping the conversation open and non-judgmental.
  • Provide mentors or buddies to create a safe space to ask questions.
  • Provide the necessary resources for participants to learn.

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